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Our Refund Policy

The airline’s cancellation policy varies, but in general, most airlines follow the same guidelines. In the event of a flight cancellation, airlines are required to provide either a full refund or transportation on a future trip. If your trip plans change, you may want to get a refund on your plane ticket or any extras you paid for, such as checked bags or a preferred seat. You may use the data on this page to see whether you qualify for a refund of flight-related expenses, such as airfare or other services. The trip cancellation is effective as of the day we receive your written notice of cancellation. We will impose a cancellation fee of at least $50 per person, which is not subject to travel insurance.


If you buy your plane ticket seven days before your trip leaves, the airline will do one of two things:

    • Provide a 24-hour window in which clients may cancel their bookings without penalty.
    • Give buyers the option to “hold” (reserve) tickets at the listed price for a period of 24 hours without having to pay anything (but sometimes prices may change based on supply and demand).
  • There is no way to pause or get your money back from an airline. It is recommended that you review the airline’s refund policy before making a purchase. Within 24 hours of making the reservation, the consumer may request a complete refund if the airline does not already have the money on file.
  • Even though some airlines may hold a reservation for up to 24 hours or provide a complete refund within that time frame, the same carriers may not allow for modifications to a ticket without a fee. How much you pay for a fare might vary (for example, you may modify your reservation by changing the date of your ticket or by changing your name if it was misspelled). If there is a pricing difference, you may be asked to pay it.


The airline’s refund policy will go into effect after the initial 24 hours after booking. If the airline you’re flying with permits you to cancel your ticket, Expedia will too. Those who purchase non-refundable tickets are out of luck in terms of getting their money back but may instead get a credit equal to the face value of the ticket (i.e., excluding our service fee).


It is vital to verify with the specific airline in question before making a reservation since they may have different policies. Cancellations made in compliance with the terms of the booking policy will result in a refund through the original payment method, less any applicable cancellation fees and standard bank fees. If the consumer uses a credit card or debit card to make the purchase, the transaction will be reversed and credited back to their card. Think that it will take 30–45 days for the effects of this action to show up in their account.

Specifically, if the customer doesn’t really use any of the services, including but not limited to lodging, transportation, meals, baggage costs, seat selection fees, and so on, there will be no reimbursement.

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